Excursions / Day Tours:

Birding at Mabamba Wetlands:

Mabamba Bay is a unique extensive marsh stretching through a long narrow bay, fringed with papyrus towards the main body of Lake Victoria. Continue Reading »

Excursion to Jinja:

Jinja has for some time been known as “The Adventure Capital of Uganda”. Jinja lies in the southeast of Uganda, 54 miles (ca. 87 km) northeast of the capital, Kampala. Continue Reading »

Kampala City Tour:

Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda, much like Rome was originally built, is spread over seven hills and takes its fabled name from Kasozi K’impala, interpreted as “the hills of the antelopes”. Continue Reading »

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Excursion:

Ngamba Island, Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established in 1998 for the care and welfare of entrusted animals while conserving as far as possible the ecosystem of the island. Continue Reading »